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Our Services

  1. General Family Practice / Acne / Hair loss / Weight Management/ Impotence / Pap Smear/ Contraception / Smoking Cessation / Emergency Contraception

  2. Chronic Disease Management: Diabetes Mellitus/Hypertension/Weight Management/Sexually Transmitted Disease Testing and Management.

  3. Check Ups and Permits. Employment/Work Permit Check Up/ Employment Pass Check up / Social Visit Pass Check up/ Domestic Worker Check Up/ Foreign Worker Check Up/ Drivers Licence/ Outward Bound Course/ Premarital Check Ups

  4. Designated Factory Doctor / Statutory Medical Examination under Ministry of Labour/ Hearing Exposure Examination/ Arsenic Check Up/ Radiation Badge Check Up/ Sea Motor Craft check up/ Crane Operator Check up/ Polytechnic Check Up

  5. Anonymous HIV Screening

  6. Travel Medicine/ Travel Vaccination

  7. Vaccinations/ Mecca/Haj Vaccination/ Meningitis vaccination/ Influenza Vaccination/ Hepatitis A and B Vaccination/ Chickenpox Vaccination/ /Childhood Vaccinations/Mumps Measles and Rubella Vaccination/Childhood Vaccinations

  8. Minor Surgery/ Excision of Sebaceous Cysts and Lipomas/ Stitching of Wounds/ Glue Stitching of Wounds/ Circumcision/Excision of Ingrown Toenail/ Intralesional Injection of Keloids/  Ear Flushing/ Urine Catheterisation and Removal/ Fish bone removal/ Removal of Foreign Body of Eye/ Ear Flush/ Ear Wax Flushing/ Knee Joint Injection/ Foreign Body Removal/ Nail Avulsion

  9. Prenatal Ultrasound and Early Pregnancy Management

Doctors Clinic and Surgery

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