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Our Services

  1. Covid Testing for patients suspected to have Covid 19.

  2. PCR test for Travel Appointment required.

  3. ART testing for events. No appointment needed.

  4. All other forms of PCR: appointments needed.

  5. General Family Practice / Acne / Hair loss / Weight Management/ Impotence / Pap Smear/ Contraception / Smoking Cessation / Emergency Contraception

  6. Chronic Disease Management: Diabetes Mellitus/Hypertension/Weight Management/Sexually Transmitted Disease Testing and Management.

  7. Check Ups and Permits. Employment/Work Permit Check Up/ Employment Pass Check up / Social Visit Pass Check up/ Domestic Worker Check Up/ Foreign Worker Check Up/ Drivers Licence/ Outward Bound Course/ Premarital Check Ups

  8. Designated Factory Doctor / Statutory Medical Examination under Ministry of Labour/ Hearing Exposure Examination/ Arsenic Check Up/ Radiation Badge Check Up/ Sea Motor Craft check up/ Crane Operator Check up/ Polytechnic Check Up

  9. Anonymous HIV Screening

  10. Travel Medicine/ Travel Vaccination

  11. Vaccinations/ Mecca/Haj Vaccination/ Meningitis vaccination/ Influenza Vaccination/ Hepatitis A and B Vaccination/ Chickenpox Vaccination/ Gardasil Vaccination/Childhood Vaccinations/Mumps Measles and Rubella Vaccination/Childhood Vaccinations

  12. Minor Surgery/ Excision of Sebaceous Cysts and Lipomas/ Stitching of Wounds/ Glue Stitching of Wounds/ Circumcision/Excision of Ingrown Toenail/ Intralesional Injection of Keloids/  Ear Flushing/ Urine Catheterisation and Removal/ Fish bone removal/ Removal of Foreign Body of Eye/ Ear Flush/ Ear Wax Flushing/ Knee Joint Injection/ Foreign Body Removal/ Nail Avulsion

  13. Prenatal Ultrasound and Early Pregnancy Management

Doctors Clinic and Surgery

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