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Google Review Replies

In the past we always reply to our Google reviews. However we stopped monitoring and replying after sometime because Google refused to remove some replies which we told them were outright lies and defamatory. There was also a maximum word limit imposed which we felt was not sufficient. We will try to reply here if we have the time.

On 29.1.2024 Munah Shaik wrote:
Horrible experience! I arrived almost at 9am and only got to see him at 11.09am! He asked me without looking at me what was wrong. Told him my eye is swollen. Without looking at my eye he went on to ask other questions like “are you stressed? Do you always get angry? Do you cry a lot? Are you going to get a divorce?” I’m like??! How is this relevant?! Only after did he shine a light in my eye to check my eye but only for a brief moment cos he wasn’t gentle with my eye and it hurt. He didn’t try to check again and prescribed my meds. I would have just left the clinic but after waiting for 2 hours, I just needed to get the meds and leave! Never again will I come back here for a consult!

Our reply:
From our clinical records, the patient was registered at 9.47 am and was seen by the doctor at 11.10am. The clinic was crowded as it was a Monday morning. The patient waited for about one hour, and not two hours.
We practise a higher form of primary care by to treating all of our patients holistically and not only with their presenting complaint. We also do opportunistic screening and help pick up medical conditions that patients may not even be aware of.
We are very careful
with our work and spend try to spend as much time as possible on each patient and in doing so , try to make as little error as possible.
The patient attended our clinic for some eye problem and was advised to go to the A and E if it was associated with another symptom.
The patient was already seen by another clinic and given some eye medication, which did not help. All doctors are trained to get a full history first, before going on to a physical examination.
 Therefore we do not examine the eye
until a full history is taken.

The patient also had another medical condition and was given medical advice for that.
The doctor examined the eye for 1 second only and the patient complained of tenderness. The doctor said that he will stop examining immediately, as patient appeared easily irritable. He asked if the patient was under some stress lately. He asked if patient has been moody, bad tempered or forgetful lately. He asked if there were stress events like divorce.
 This was asked in a soft, gentle  and calm manner in case it hits any raw nerve. We need to make an accurate diagnosis.
Mental symptoms like irritability, confusion, disturbed thought patterns and forgetfulness are routine questions as they are associated with medical conditions that patients may not have insight or aware of.
The patient was given medications for the eye. 

The patient was also given medication for another condition unrelated to the eye. It was requested by the patient.
Although the patient came to see us for management of her eye, our doctor was able to pick up accurately another medical condition that the patient did not mention, and was given medication for it.
 We hope this medication is a starting point to make her quality of life better, other than just treating the eye.


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