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Opening Hours:

Monday to Friday:











8.30am – 12.00pm

2.00pm to 4.30pm

6.30pm  to 9.00pm



8:30am – 12.00pm




8:30am – 12.00pm

Dr Low Chee Wah Mark
MBBS (Singapore),
Master of Medicine (FM) (Singapore),
FRACGP (Australia),
MCFP (Singapore), 
MCFP (Malaysia)
Designated Factory Doctor
Family Physician
Reg.No: M04086Z


Our Services:
  • Family Physician/ General Practice

  • Anonymous HIV screening,

  • Covid PCR swab test for travel and


  • Statutory Medical Check ups for the Factories (Medical Examinations) Regulations.


    ART Covid test for events and work

  • Minor Surgery, excision of cysts, lumps,

           ingrown toenail etc

  • Ministry of Manpower Medical Check Ups

       Maid check ups,

       Work Permit check ups

       Permanent Resident check up

       Employment Pass check up


  • Insurance check up for Great          Eastern and others


  • Travel Medicine

  • Vaccinations and Immunisations

  • Executive Health Screening


Clinic is closed on 5.8.2022 (Friday).

Clinic will open on Saturday(6.8.22) . If you need information or help please chat here, or email us at

We do ART for travel and it cost $32.00.(GST not required). Result ready in 1/2 hour on sms, printed form and inside healthhub/Singpass app. It is notarised , has a QR code and uploaded

onto MOH Healthcerts for travel.

Appointment not required. Please do not come near closing time or just before departure. Please bring passport/Fin card/IC.

Update your Overseas Covid Vaccination Certification into your Trace Together at our clinic by doing a serology blood test and showing us your original vaccination certificate. No appointment needed.

No need for serology test for MOH approved countries.

We can do serology test to certify past Covid infection.

For PCR Testing swab test for Covid  for Predeparture Travel , please send email to

with the following particulars:

  • Date and Time of Swab needed:

  • Name

  • IC/Fin Number

  • Passport Number:

  • Nationality

  • Date of Birth:

  • Sex:

  • Destination:

  • Date and Time of Departure:

  • Address in Singapore: Postal Code:   Unit Number.

  • Email to receive address:


It will cost $87. No GST.

For travelers to China, additional IgM and IgG test available depending on vaccination status.


Result ready within 24 hours usually , and by 48 hours latest.


  • Results will be digitalised , notarised , with QR code, block chained, and approved by immigration and MOH.

  • We have done hundreds of predeparture travel screening, for several months now

  • Our PCR tests are done at Parkway Pantai laboratory.


Anonymous HIV Testing Available

Doctors Clinic and Surgery

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